Imagine your desk – without the wires. InDesk is an inductive tabletop, compliant with the Qi (pr. /tʃi/) standard, capable of charging and powering all your peripherals. Watch the video above for a short demonstration and some examples of use.


CFR is a URL shortener I built during a lazy afternoon. The service allow for custom short link names and is written in PHP as well as some Javascript and HTML. Visit the page at


Kraken was an experiment in transmedia storytelling. I wrote the story, composed the music, and later commissioned the artwork and poems to accompany the music.

'Listen, look and read. This album tells the tale about the fearsome Kraken and its awakening, bringing the promise of death and destruction upon mankind. The album is bundled with an art book featuring the art of John Andersson and poems by Emma Håkansson.'

Seen It

An Android app for keeping track of all the TV shows you watch. When new episodes air, they appear in your list of unseen episodes. Open and lightweight.


The GLSP, or Grenade Lawnchair Surround Panner, is a tool that extends the capability of Ableton Live to include 5.1 surround mixing. The tool was written in MaxMSP and is available for download here.

Sound of Swords

Sound of Swords is sample pack containing sounds from all types of medieval weapons and armour. The sample pack is updated as soon as new sounds and weapons are recorded. The samples are completely unaltered from the recordings which will give you the most creative freedom. Available here.


Above all, Christoffer Matsson values simplicity and excellence. Whether it is in electronics, programming or design, Christoffer has a clear vision of the products he wants to bring into this world – products that have a distinct purpose, are easy to use and performs flawlessly.