Hot Potato

Hot Potato is a game prototype I made to test the networking features in Unreal Engine 4. Up to four players drive around a small arena containing power ups. One player is assigned the bomb and they must then transfer it to another player before the time ends.


I composed music and did sound design for my friend Peter Hillerstöm's game Snakium3 – a 3D spin on the classic 'Snake' games. The game can be dowloaded for free here.

Chernobyl: Footprints of Disaster

Three friends and I travelled to Ukraine to visit the Chernobyl exclusion zone in November of 2011. This documentary tells of our experience visiting the Zone – a place that has been irradiated and abandoned for 25 years.

Tetris Arcade Machine

During one of my 'project in a day' sessions, I built an arcade machine for our university studio at Chalmers. The game is programmed in Java, controls are registered by an Arduino which also control the backlighting effects during play sessions.

Lord Humphrey III

During the hot summer of 2012, we did not spend our time eating ice cream and soaking up the sun – we built a trebuchet, and its name was Lord Humphrey III.

Electric Guitar

Drawing inspiration from the designs of B. C. Rich, I designed, sourced materials, built and lacquered this guitar back in 2009. The guitar sports a 22 fret neck, whammy bar, and a single EMG humbucker at the bridge.

Web design

I have designed, run and moderated several websites, both with and without CMS. I usually work with PHP, HTML, CSS and Javascript.


I have been interested in music all my life. I started taking trumpet lessons at the age of nine and has since then played in various jazz and big band ensambles. I now own a small studio where I produce, mix and master my own, and others' music.


Above all, Christoffer Matsson values simplicity and excellence. Whether it is in electronics, programming or design, Christoffer has a clear vision of the products he wants to bring into this world – products that have a distinct purpose, are easy to use and performs flawlessly.